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ACHILLEA Gallery  Linet SANCHEZ  Untitled Beca 2020 photography  80x120cm
Al Contar de Arte, Jaime Sicilia, MAR ORO JS397, 2022, Acrylic and pigment on board,  170x170cm, 5100EUR
Al Contar del Arte, Enrique Gonzalez, VANIDAD, 2022, Oil and golden leaf on board, 102x108cm EUR4900
Anquins Gallery, Monica Castanys, morning in brussels, 2022, oil on wood, 120x100cm, 4500 EUR.JPG
Aposteriori, Philippine Henry de Frahan, Paper Art, 145x70cm, EUR2300
ars tis  Massimo Danielis  ORDO  2022  oil on canvas  100x80cm.JPG
Art 020, Peter Peereboom, Adagio New York, 90x90cm, mixed media on canvas, EUR3200
Bruno Dahl Gallery  S credit ren Lynggaard Andersen  Curtain  Fine Art Photo  75x50cm
Brussels Art Factory  Justyna Kuklo  Fencing  2022   oil on canvas 92x150cm
Brussels Art Factory  Karha Nizharadze  Profile  acrylic  70x60cm  2022
Christine Colon Galerie  Laurent Chabolle  Rivage  Metal  135x186cm  2022
Frock Gallery  Edouard Schneider  Colon 1  2022  Acrylic On Plaster Board  44x61cm
Frock Gallery  Liliane Demeester  Mystic Blue  2022  Ceramic With Slip And Pigment  50x40x35cm
Frock Gallery  Matt Frock  Cerulean Blue Yellow Ochre  2022  Oil On Linen  70x100cm
galerie Barrou Planquart  Leif Nyland  Late afternoon  80x80cm  oil on canvas  2022
Galerie Cyril Guernieri  Jose Luis Cena  Ultimo dia de verano   100x100cm  huile sur toile
Galerie INSULA  Beatrice Bizot  Layers ou ecorces de bronze  unique bronze sculpture  65x26x25cm  2022
Galerie INSULA  Magali Cazo  La belle Baume  encre sur papier  160x130cm  2022
Galerie INSULA  Sandrine Rondard  Lucie a la robe noire  huile sur toile  162x130cm   2022
Galerie Isabelle Laverny, Valerie Betoulaud, Girl in red, acrylic painting, 2022, 100x81cm, EUR2800
Galerie Isabelle Laverny, Valerie Betoulaud, Grand plongeoir, acrylic painting, 2022, 130x89cm, EUR3200
Galerie Le Container  Charles Malherbe  Elephant rouge  sculpture   2021  98x19x24cm
Galerie Magnetic, Dawal, Introspection, acrylique, aerosols sur toile, 100x81cm, 2022, EUR3400
galerie p13  Michel Meyer  Herr plus Hund  oil on canvas  60x50cm
galerie p13  Susana Reberdito  flowers  plexiglas relief 49x53x4cm
GLO ART  Carlo Alberto Rasteli  The night crawler  oil painting  90x125cm
GLO ART  Stefan Doru Moscu  The final frame  2017   acrylic painting  90x125cm
Goodwin Gallery  Michael Propper  Manhattan Flight  2022  Oil on Canvas  100x100cm
IAGA Contemporary Art  Lucia Simone  The Thoughtful  2020  digital photo collage and digital painting on Hahnemuhle  monotype  30x30cm
Kunst In Huis, Neoza Goffin, The Indistinguishable Rooots, 2021, photo art print, 80X100cm, Edition of 5 plus 2AP, EUR2300
Kunst In Huis, Pieter Bauters,  Line up, 2021, wood collage,   26x85x7cm, EUR1800
L ARCADA ART GALLERY, FERNANDO DAZA, Orange circular shape, 100x100cm, paper Canson on canvas, EUR3000
Oever Gallery  Cathy Tabbakh  the cold of anxiety  2022  acrylic on canvas  30x40cm.JPG
Palma Arte  Toni Alfano  Sonatine 39  2021  Descialbo  130x175cm
Producers gallery Ritter  Daniel Engelberg   module object  9   2022  Wood  acrylics resin  100x85x3 cm
Raquelle Azran Vietnamese Fine Art  Vu Thu Hien  golden glow  2014  60x80cm  watercolor
Studio UK  Studio Uiterwaal Kroes  untitled  2021  40x40cm
UMANOA, Gilles Mayk Navangi and Pieter Bostoen, Dolphin, 2022, 45x20x20cm ceramic, EUR2000
Winarts Arte  Theophilus Tetteh  NIIODAI   WAITING    2022  acrylic on canvas 90x70cm
Winarts Arte  THEOPHILUS TETTEH  SHE IS  90x70cm
Xin Art Galerie  Gavin Mitchell   Playboy Playgirls   100x100cm
Xin Art Galerie  OLIVIER LANNAUD  LE ROI CONNEXION    computer cables  115x85cm