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Alejandro Propato, Permanent Sunrise   Perth australia  2014.JPG
Alejandro Propato, Permanent sunrise  Sydney  2014 1.JPG
Alejandro Propato
Art 020, AnneliesDamen, Lost 1, 2018,Photography, Edition10, 31,5x47,2
Christine Colon Galerie, Laurent Chabolle, Nez jaune, metal sculpture, 34x22x6cm, 2022, €1900
Christine Colon Galerie, Laurent Chabolle, Rivage, metal sculpture, 135x186x5cm, 2022, €6000
Galerie Le Container, Charles Malherbe, Eléphant rouge, sculpture, 2021, 98x19x24cm, €4500
Galería de Arte María Aguilar, G3 Cauce VI, silver leaf on carved wood, 90x40cm
Portrait fair director   Blythe Bolton
Red Corridor Gallery, Joanna Skurska, Blattwerk 3, 80x60cm, Acrylic on Wood, 2022
The 6A Gallery, Dorsan Cousin, Sortir du cadre, 60x52cm, Wood and Acrylic, 2021, €980
Xin Art, OLIVIER LANNAUD,  LE ROI CONNEXION,  computer cables, 115x85cm, €6500