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Exhibition view LR 4
Exhibition view LR 6
Spazio Nobile  the new Koji pottery 1024x717
Spazio Nobile Anton Alvarez   Ban Tao Yao Dragon Eyes Photo ChongKokYew
Spazio Nobile ChengTsungFeng Kao Ming Chen Flow photo2
Spazio Nobile ChengTsungFeng Kao Ming Chen Flow photo
Spazio Nobile Jin Kuramoto  Jian Cheng Lin The Bamboo Chair photo by Chong Kok Yew
Spazio Nobile Jin Kuramoto Zhongyi Industry Co Clay art craft Neolithic Collection Photo Chow Kok Yew
Spazio Nobile Lise Coirier Art Director Photo by Maciej Korbas
Spazio Nobile Matti Klenell  Shu Fa Wu   Mao Hui Chen   Hsing Tse Liu Daya Containers Photobyoachim Bergstrom
Spazio Nobile New koji 1024x683
Spazio Nobile Rain Wu Formosa Scenographer Photo by Max Creasy L
Spazio Nobile Rain Wu Formosa inspiration encre et papier
Spazio Nobile Rain Wu Tea Set ed. Thalie Lab Photo by Su Yu Hsin
Spazio Nobile Revelations catelogue cover 03
Spazio Nobile Sebastian Herkner and Ming An Wu The Bridge Bamboo Bench photo by Cge ongKokYew
Spazio Nobile Stina Lofgren   Tian Chang Jiang  students   Ming Zong Chen Speed Combs Photo by JoachimBergström