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AAF Alexane Sanchez Crocodile plaster 2023 156 x 37cm 2500EUR.JPG
AAF Alexane Sanchez Devenir plaster 2023 75 x 42cm 2000EUR
AAF Alexane Sanchez Les amants plaster 2023 83 X 85cm 2500EUR
AAF Clement Jacques Vossen Iris Run 2023 Oil painting on canvas 160 180cm 5000EUR
AAF Curator Natania Dan Credit  Anneke Hymmen.JPG
AAF Shen Ozdemir RONDALANO 2022 Linnen toiles Burlap Wood 110 cm 1550EUR
Alexane Sanchez.JPG
Clement Jacques Vossen credit Bart Ramakers
Shen Ozdemir Credit Romane Iskaria